Before & After

Night & Day.

We asked our clients what was the speed and conversion rates before optimization. And how it's improved after shopify speed optimization. We ran thousands of before and after reports.
Wow, what a difference.

Before our speed optimization

Our merchants tried everything. Some of them, even tried 10 (ten) other speed optimization services from different places. When they saw that nothing can be done to speed up their stores, we were there for them to offer REAL speed optimization.

ShopySpeed Before And After - Arrow

13s Interactivity
6.1s on Speed Index
780ms Total Blocking Time

2.3s Interactivity
Speed Index reduced by half
0ms Total Blocking Time

ShopySpeed Before And After - Arrow

25.6s on Speed Index
15s First CPU Idle
580ms FID

Speed Index reduced to 3.5s
5.2s First CPU Idle
180ms FID

ShopySpeed Before And After - Arrow

4.6s on Speed Index
15.1s Interactivity
1600ms FID / TBT

Speed Index reduced to 3.1s
3.2s Interactivity
10ms FID / TBT


Here's what customers said when we asked them what changed for the better since we optimized their stores:

“Simply put, we get more sales, quicker, and better. Fast loading product pages. Our customers are happier and they are buying more.”

- James, Vessel Brand

"Amazing goes above and beyond and never stops until everything is better than perfect! Perfect experience!"

- Ryan, Susan Shaw

"Fantastic professional, the most experience dev I've worked to speed up your website. He is proactive and doesn't settle until we get an excellent performance score. I've very satisfied"

- Guilhereme, Dan Henry Watches

"They increased my google page insights score from 18 to 80. Definitely worth it!"

- Guilhereme, Dan Henry Watches

"Andrew worked very effectively with us and used his knowledge and expertise to resolved several speed issues related to our ecommerce website. Excellent work."

- Nick Majors, Zen Den Candles

"Andrew is a magician ... He's incredibly talented and there's nothing he can't do. He is extremely patient, polite, understanding and knows his job very well."

- SERKAN, SFdizayn

Faster stores encourage people to stay longer and purchase more.

This way the customer engagement will increase by at least 5.2%.

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Speed Matters

Our primary mission is to help as many Shopify stores to increase their performance as much as possible. If you want your store to be first, ahead of your competition, then you are in the best place.

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